Dolphin Gites in Vendee
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New Cottage

Sleeping 5


The Old Logis

Sleeping 5


Stone Cottage

Sleeping 6


Gîte Tamaris

Sleeping 4


The Laurels

Sleeping 3



Sleeping 3-4




Holiday Cottage

Sleeping 4

(8 minutes' walk 


Dolphin Gites)







Local visits (by bicycle)       

Local Visits - by car


Recommended Restaurants

Bike Rides from Dolphin Gites


You can cycle to great beaches, quaint villages, cross country through beautiful countryside, cycle to the shops, the beach and to local cafés and restaurants. The rides below are ideally suited to mountain bikes, however, the area is well suited to road cycling as well as mountain biking.


Route Map  (pdf)  (use the zoom facility)




Cycle to the Normandelière Beach  (30 minutes)



full directions   (word doc)


The Normandelière at Brétignolles sur-mer is a great beach with a surveillance tower and lifeguards. The beach also has a highly recommended crêperie next to the dunes with fabulous views on the sea. The restaurant serves great crêpes and moules-frites.


You can extend the ride to take in the coastal cycle path from the Normandelière beach, North to St Gilles Croix-de-vie, or southwards towards Les Sables-d'Olonne.







Cycle to the market at Brétignolles-sur-mer   (20 minutes)


Start your ride by taking main road heading out of La Chaize Giraud heading West towards St. Gilles. Just before leaving village before the last house, turn left onto the small road. Then follow the map route, route direction South 7-8 to Le Peuble, then cross the main road and continue along the cycle path following the signs for Bretignolles-sur-mer.


You can extend the ride to take in the coastal cycle path from the Normandeliere beach, North to St Gilles Croix-de-vie, or southwards towards Les Sables-d'Olonne. Have a picnic on the beach, or enjoy a beer and a crêpe at the Normandelière restaurant on the Normandelière beach (see cycle ride 1).





Cycle ride along the coast stopping at La Parée and continuing along the corniche of the Sauzaie  ( 2-3 hours)


This is a great cycle ride for all the family with many stop-offs along the way. You have amazing views out to sea as you meander along the coastal cycle path passing through the dunes. You can continue as far as St Gilles, or at the town of Givrand (refer to map) meander back to Dolphin Gîtes on small roads through the countryside (refer to map). 


Map direction South 7-8-6 to La Grégoiriere, then follow small white road on map to La Normadeliere beach. Then follow map direction NW. 6-5-16-15-20, then direction East 15-16-16-8


Start your ride by cycling to the Normandelière beach (see ride no 1). At the Normandelière beach, find the cycle path near the sailing club and turn right, heading North towards St Gilles. After a few miles, stop at the beach town of La Parée for a beer or a bite to eat, then continue along the coastal cycle path. Look out for the impressive Véronique's Rock between La Parée and the beach La Sauzaie. You can continue along the coastal cycle path for about 5 miles and you will eventually arrive at the Grande Plage at St Gilles Croix de Vie. 




Cycling in Vendée

Cycling along the coast, Vendée




Cycle ride around the Jaunay Lake  (2-4 hours)


full directions   (word doc)


The Jaunay lake is the inland local reservoir. It is a very scenic landscape of water, hills and forest and is very beautiful. The ride around the lake is quite challenging for the inexperienced cyclist, although very enjoyable if you like cycling. Take a picnic, or have lunch at the Pré restaurant on the banks of the lake. You could drive to the lake in your car to get your bearings. Most of the ride is on small roads and dirt tracks, although a couple of miles are on the main road. There are some hills and some of the tracks are quite narrow, especially around the lake. It takes about 30 minutes to reach the lake. The tour of the lake is about 10 miles.


Start your ride by taking the main road (or pavement) to the big roundabout in La Chaize Giraud. Cross over the roundabout by the zebra crossing (left of roundabout). Take the road into the housing estate. Continue straight through the estate, past the chalet holiday park on the left and continue along the dirt track until the road turns to the left (wooded area). Click on link below for full directions.


Map direction East 7-8-7-17, direction West 2 - join the lake path at about number 17 - sign posted Roche Guillaume - and circumvent the lake travelling East along the path, then West on the north side. If you keep following the path on the north side of the lake, travelling West, you will eventually arrive at the Pré restaurant. From the Pré restaurant take the roads back to Dolphin Gites.



Cycling, Jaunay Lake, Vendée

Cycling, Jaunay Lake, Vendée




Cycle the valley of the Jaunay  (2 hours)


Map Route 8


This is a delightful ride along signed posted tracks meandering through the countryside. Just follow the signs for No.8, and you will complete a circuit of about 10 miles along dirt tracks, through woods and along the banks of the river Jaunay. You have a good chance of spotting Kingfishers and Buzzards along the way.





Bike Hire


We recommend PSL Bike at Brem-sur-mer. They charge approx 12€/ day/ bike and will deliver the bikes to your gite if you hire them for a minimum of 2 days, otherwise, you can leave you car in the car park while you enjoy your ride. Brem-sur-mer is on the coast so you have direct access to the coastal cycle paths.


PSL Bike 


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