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High Adrenaline Rides


Rock 'n' Roller Coaster (recommended age, 10 +)




Rock music blasts ears and speed turns legs to jelly. Strapped in tight, passengers drive through a rock video set in Beverly Hills with Aerosmith. Onboard, a deafening 120 speakers turn up the volume. On the count of three, G-forces thrust passengers from 0 to 100km – literally taking their breath away. A series of sharp bends, vertical drops and upside-down flips complete the nerve-splintering experience. This is a very fast ride that is not suitable for children under ten. The minimum height is 1.32 metres (4'4").



Low Adrenaline Rides

Studio Tram Tour (exciting train ride)

See behind the scenes at a studio. You can get a look at location sites, studio decor, special effects, movie props, and central costuming. At Catastrophe Canyon, you plunge into the middle of an action film shoot.



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Paris map (pdf)  



Walt Disney STUDIOS

Paris map (pdf) 






Disney Studio 1

Disney Studio 1 is inspired by the Hyperion Avenue Studios in Los Angeles, where Walt Disney first produced the Mickey Mouse animated shorts and his first full length animated picture, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The set consists of façades fronting the street on both sides, with six storefronts on each.

If Disney Studio 1 were a working soundstage, it would be the second largest of its kind in Europe. It is 70 metres long, 35 metres wide and 20 metres high



Flying Carpets over Agrabah (ideal for young children)





The set for Flying Carpets over Agrabah is that of an animated film, and features a massive animation-style background depicting a colourful day-to-night desert scene. The centrepiece of the set is a giant genie's bottle adorned with paintings of characters from Aladdin. Sixteen flying carpets, each of which can carry up to four people and can be made to fly up and down, whiz around the Genie's lamp. 


Like all 'great' actors, the Genie from Aladdin really wants to do is direct, and visitors to this attraction are invited into his animated world as the 'actors' in his first film. They climb aboard a magic carpet and take it for a 'spin' as they perform in a scene that Genie is directing, assisted by a mischievous camera crew. As the guest stars in the movie 'play' their roles on the flying carpets, the Genie encourages them with directions in English and French.


Fairground hub and spoke ride (similar to Dumbo at Disneyland Park)




Armageddon Special Effects




Take a trip through the history of special effects, beginning with the first innovations of Georges Méliès and continuing through to the very latest digital technology. 

The visit begins in a special effects stage on the backlot of a major movie studio. The word "Armageddon" emerges from a burst of flames at the entrance to the marquee. The entrance to the attraction also features an "Armadillo", one of the space vehicles featured in the film Armageddon.  

An 'assistant SFX director' arrives and welcomes guests in the pre-show area. He presents a range of fantastic special effects tools to the guests, and invites two or three people up on to the grey screen stage. He then pays tribute to Georges Méliès, the inventor of special effects. A century has passed since Méliès invented "movie magic", and the art of special effects has made a truly amazing journey during that time.


The Art of Disney Animation

A movie highlights the best of Disney animation, then you get to try it yourself! After the film, and a demonstration by a real Disney artist, you can attempt your own animation at one of the interactive play stations.

A towering "Sorcerer's Apprentice" hat, inspired by the one worn by Mickey Mouse in the Disney classic, Fantasia, is the distinctive exterior feature of the Art of Disney Animation. Since the creation of the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studios in Hollywood in 1923, animation has been the cornerstone of the Disney universe. This interactive attraction pays tribute to this very particular form of art, where some of the secrets of Disney animation are revealed for the very first time.




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