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High Adrenaline Rides



Space Mountain: Mission 2

(age, 10 +, min. height 1.32m)



Disneyland Paris RidesHigh Adrenaline Rides





Star Tours  (high-ish adrenaline ride)


min. height: 1.02m (3'4")






The original Star Tours first opened at California's Disneyland back in 1987, with the Disneyland Paris version opening alongside the rest of the park in 1992. Located in the futuristic Discoveryland area of Disneyland, Paris, it features a different exterior to the US versions but is broadly identical on the inside, which includes a well-themed queue line and the attraction itself.

Star Tours pioneered the use of flight-simulator technology in theme park attractions, using it to take riders for a spin through some of sci-fi's most famous locations. Based on a fictitious "intergalactic tours" operator, the attraction sees guests boarding a spacecraft piloted by an android. The tour soon goes awry - with the craft getting caught up in a battle between the Rebel Alliance and the evil Galactic Empire.

Star Wars fans can experience a journey through the universe on this intergalactic motion simulator ride. Inside the spaceship, druids embark on a trip through space to the lunar landscape of Endor, dodging meteorites and comets, zigzagging through gorges and drifting through the cosmos. Hold on tight as you twist, turn and speed through this multi-sensory world of robots, lasers and light years. Children aged three to seven must be accompanied by an adult, and the ride is unsuitable for those aged three and under.




Maps of Disneyland Parks



Paris map (pdf)  



Walt Disney STUDIOS

Paris map (pdf) 








(low adrenaline ride for young children)


min. height: 1.02m (3'4")





Feel the wind in your hair and hear the roar of an engine in your ears, as you test your driving skills along mini highways in sleek '50s-style cars. Drive your sports car around the retro-space age track.


Buzz Lightyear: Laser Blast

(low adrenaline ride, any age)



It's Buzz versus the Evil Zurg... and he needs your help! Spin 360° degrees in your Star Cruiser to save the universe, zapping enemy targets and gaining points to become part of the elite group of Space Rangers. This Disneyland Paris attraction is inspired by the Disney-Pixar's film Toy Story 2




Indiana Jones and the Temple du Péril 


min. height: 1.40m  (4'6") 


(high adrenaline),


Disneyland Paris RidesDisneyland Paris Rides




The nearer you come to the temple entrance, the clearer you can see the huge snake statues guarding it. Actually they are the same figures used for the Temple of the Forbidden Eye ride.


The ride is indeed a fast roller coaster using mine car transports. The tracks are partially inside, partially outside the temple and include a 360 degree loop.

The cars have big secure shoulder harnesses (they are comfortable if you don't pull them too tight towards you). It is highly recommended to take off anything you can lose (like glasses) and you are not allowed to carry anything like umbrellas or bags. Be prepared for a short ride with a lot to see, the Temple du Peril is a little more than a 2 minute adventure. You get a very good view of the park and a pure Temple of Doom mine car feeling. Indiana Jones et le Temple du Péril is a great Indy ride that's well worth the voyage.


Adventure abounds in the Temple of Peril. Approaching through lush tropical undergrowth, you reach the crumbling sandstone temple at the centre of an archaeological dig. Carriages hurtle along tracks and loop through ancient ruins, and head-over-heels passengers scream at hairpin turns and sharp drop-offs. With a 360-degree loop, this ride is not suitable for the faint-hearted, children under eight, and those that are under 1.40 metres (4'6") tall.




Pirates of the Caribbean  


(low adrenaline ride, any age)


Disneyland Paris Rides




Ye comes seekin’ adventure and salty old pirates, aye? Sure, ye’ve come to the proper place! Climb aboard a boat with the rest of yer crew and set sail. Ahh, the relaxing lull of an evening cruise through New Orleans. But what’s that you hear ahead? A waterfall you say? And a skull seems to be talking to you? Listen close …."dead men tell no tales". You plunge from your leisurely float down into pirate territory, where you’ll find those rascals, plundering and pillaging about the town. Beware the cursed treasure, many pirates have met their untimely doom due to an overdose of greed. And keep your ruddy hands inside, that be the best way to repel borders. Slow moving indoor boat ride with small drops








Big Thunder Mountain 


min. height: 1.02m  (3'3") 


(high-ish adrenaline ride)


Disneyland Paris Rides




This turbulent train tears up the tracks on a high-speed race through mining tunnels. Hold on tight as the tension builds and the runaway train creaks uphill in a pitch-black tunnel, with a steep drop waiting for you on the other side. Narrow tunnels, dark shafts and glittering mines flash past on this hair-raising Wild West adventure. The minimum height for this attraction is 1.02 metres (3'3") and it is unsuitable for children under three.




Phantom Manor


(low adrenaline, but a little eerie)


Disneyland Paris Rides


Phantom Manor was designed to look clearly derelict. The manor's grounds are untended, overgrown with weeds and scattered with dead vegetation. Upon entering the grounds, guests see a bat guardbox and a plaque on the wall which reads "Phantom Manor - Non Omnis Moriar" (Latin: "I will not die completely"). 

Guests walk along the porch and wait outside the house. The doors open by themselves and a servant appears and invites them into the foyer.  There are also two mirrors. Any guest who peers into a mirror reflection will see a young woman staring back at them! Then a cold, mysterious voice - that of the Ghost Host - echoes across the room, politely welcoming us. (The Ghost Host was originally voiced by American actor Vincent Price, but French visitors objected to the English narration, so a French actor, Gérard Chevalier, was substituted. However, one small piece of Price's recording remains in use: the Phantom's evil laughter.)

We then file into an octagonal room with four portraits of a young woman. In one, she picks flowers; in the second, she holds a parasol; in the third, she steps through a stream; and in the final portrait, she is having a picnic with her fiancé. The Ghost Host explains that the tour has begun, and wonders if we have noticed that the walls are stretching. The room actually appears to stretch, and the portraits grow taller---revealing some haunting situations the young girl is in. The Ghost Host points out another disturbing fact about the room: It has no exits. He asks us how we plan to get out. Just then the room is plunged into darkness, and a scream comes from above us. We look up to see a cloaked corpse up in the attic, swinging from a hangman's noose. This figure is The Phantom. The stretching room suddenly lights up and a door opens, revealing a hallway lined with portraits.

Phantom Manor often has longer queues in the morning and around the middle of the day. By riding later, you'll not only get the chance of a "walk-on", thanks to the high capacity, but an intensely more atmospheric experience as you leave the darkness outside for the darkness... inside! Although the ride does not feature any sudden scares, the sinister atmosphere of the attraction may frighten some. The pre-show room features a moment of complete darkness.



Peter Pan's Flight (r


(low adrenaline ride)+)


Disneyland Paris Rides



Sail away aboard a flying galleon and follow Peter Pan on a whimsical journey into Never Land. Refuse to grow up as you navigate by the second star on the right to float above the glittering lights of moonlit London. Glide above mermaids, Indians and by Hook as he tries to escape the snapping jaws of an alligator. 




It's a Small World


(low adrenaline ride)+)




It's a small world behind the pastel-coloured clock tower. This pocket-sized world takes in the major sights, with a whirlwind tour of Scotland, the Taj Mahal, the Egyptian pyramids and the wild African plains, brought to life by hundreds of singing and dancing dolls in national costume and kitsch backdrops. Sing along, but remember that tune won't leave your head in a hurry!




Dumbo (gentle ride - suits young children) 


Disneyland Paris Rides



This gentle ride suits young children, though kids under 1.20 metres must be accompanied by an adult. Circus elephant Dumbo takes to the skies above Fantasyland and you can control how high he flies by using the joystick on his back.




Alice's Curious Labyrinth




Things get more and more curious in Alice's mind-boggling maze. White rabbits in a hurry, smoking caterpillars, grinning Cheshire cats and playing cards painting the roses red bring this classic story to life. Enter through an ivy tunnel, and watch out for the jumping water jets and dead ends on the way to the Queen of Heart's castle. Finding the way out is not as easy as it seems. Parents should stay with their children, so if you do get lost, at least you get lost together.




Directions to Disneyland, Paris



From Charles de Gaulle or Orly airports, take RER, Line B to centre of Paris (RER stop Châtelet-les-Halles), then change and take RER, Line A to Marne-la-Vallée Chessy (end of line, and the entrance to Disneyland is next to station)



From the A4, take exit 14 and follow the signs.




List of Rides at Disneyland, Paris


• It's a small world ride

• Snow White and the seven dwarfs

• Pinocchio’s journey

• Peter Pan ride

• Dumbo, the flying elephant

• The mad matters tea cups

• Alice Curious Labyrinth

• Sleeping beauty castle

• Fantasy festival stage (for the shows)

• Castle theater

• Casey Junior

• Story book land canal boat cruise

• Lancelot’s carrousel



• Captain EO

• Mysteries of the Nautilus

• Buzz Lightyear ride

• Star tours

• Space mountain

• Orbitron

• Nautilus submarine

• Videopolis (for the shows and videogames)

• Autopia (close in winter)



• Pirates of the Caribbean

• Captain Hook boat

• Adventure Isle

• Indiana Jones and the temps of peril

• The Swiss family Robinson tree house

• Aladdin’s enchanted passage



• Big thunder Mountain rides

• Thunder mesa riverboat landing

• Haunted Mansion

• Critter corral (closed)

• Chaparral theater (for the shows)

• Pocahontas Indian village