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The city of Carcassonne  is an absolute ‘must see' when you visit the Languedoc. Carcassonne is located at the crossroads of two main circulation routes used since Ancient times, the east-west axis runs from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, and the North South axis joins the Massif Central to Spain.



Carcassonne in France



It is the jewel of the region, the medieval Cité is the largest fortified town in Europe still in existence. It is composed of two gigantic ramparts each flanked by 26 towers, stretching over a length of almost 3 km.


From the Ville Basse (Lower Town) to the Ville Haute (Upper Town) the solitary or accompanied tourist can admire the remains of over 2000 years of history, left successively by the Romans, Wisigoths, Sarrasins and other crusaders.





The town enjoyed exceptional influence during the Trencavel dynasty (from 1089 to 1209), and it was during this period that Catharism developed. Mandatory visits include : the Château Comtal and it Musée Lapidaire, the Basilique Saint Nazaire the Portes Narbonnaises, and the Tour du Tréseau.


A walk around the Lices (outer bailey) provides moments of intense emotion. The Ville Basse (Lower Town) was created after the crusades on the left bank of the Aude, based on a grid lay-out which is still perfectly visible today. Its bustling shopping streets, its squares and private mansions are also worth a visit. Carcassonne is one of the finest examples of the history of the Aude.





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