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Rent or Buy?


Renting makes sense to begin with, but once you're hooked it's great to own your own gear. Modern skis and boards are designed to make learning and progress a snap, so good advice is worth a lot. 



1. Ski Jacket and Trousers


Ski Clothing and Equipment











You will need a good ski jacket and  trousers or salopettes (dungaree-style trousers). Unless, of course, you fancy chattering your way through the cold, wind and snow. You will need a weatherproof outer layer, and you can choose between insulated or non-insulated varieties. Whatever you decide on, the trick is to add different layers underneath keeping you comfy, warm and dry.



2. Bindings


Ski Clothing and Equipment


Bindings are the clever things which fix your boots to your skis. Let your ski shop advise you to the right type, for example, alpine bindings have an automatic release to help keep you safe when you fall a certain way. You should not buy the first set of bindings you see when your walk in the shop. The shop (or rental outlet) will set them up just for you depending on your weight, age, skiing ability and skiing style.  




3. Skis  


Ski Clothing and Equipment  


Long or short? Wide or narrow? Traditional or space-age? The range of skis is as wide as the range of ski fans, so you're sure to find the right skis for you. You should take advice!




4. Goggles



Imagine driving your car at 70mph in the rain and snow without a windscreen. The same is true  for fast skiing, or taking off in the snow or rain. A decent pair of comfy ski goggles will allow you to see and protect your eyes from the elements (but not the glare from the sun!).




5. Sunglasses



You want to be able to see where you're going, and that can be difficult with a very bright glare from the snow. UV rays are not good for your eyes. Another sensible reason to invest in a pair of proper skiing sunglasses with full UV protection.



6. Helmet



More and more people can be seen wearing ski helmets than ever before, and they are especially popular with snow boarders and free-riders. Yes it's true, more of us are using our brains and protecting our heads! It is common sense that children should wear a helmet!






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