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If you are going to ski on-piste or off-piste and you believe you are the best skier in the world, well think again, because the best skier’s in the world uses his head and takes some or all safety equipment on there skiing holiday. 1 in 4 skiers do not take any form of ski safety equipment, however it is the safety equipment that saves lives.

Listed below are some of the basic equipment that could save your life, and in today’s fashion conscious world you can even get the equipment to match.  



Avalanche Transceivers


Anyone who skis should at least have a transceiver upon themselves, these are the biggest life savers around, with a self activating radio signal and a standard frequency you can be reached within minutes and not hours. There are many models on the market, but you need to know what you are buying so please take professional advice on how to use them and which to purchase.  





I am not going to work, I am on holiday! Ever tried digging snow with your hands, well try it and then go and buy a shovel, with the latest in products plastic or metal, shovels can save your life and more importantly the life of your companion, with a transceiver locating your companion and digging them out of compacted snow following an avalanche this is the ultimate tool.  





What next? You have a transceiver and a shovel, so you should have everything under control, but the reality of it is that you could be digging a few centimeters away from your buried companion and you would not even know.

The probe is a 12 or 15 meter retractable rod that is vital in locating people under the snow.  



Medical Kit


Always make sure you have a medical kit, cuts and sprains could assist you in getting down from the slopes or others in distress.  



Ski and Snowboarding Helmets


Many people suffer serious accidents both off-piste, and more commonly on piste. Head injuries from collisions are the main cause of fatalities in winter sports environments. Wearing a helmet is no longer just the domain of alpine sportsmen and women, its an extremely sensible precaution for your alpine holiday.








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