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Easy ride to, and along the coast 


to the Normandeliere beach & then back to Dolphin Gites.

(about 10 miles)


1. Exit Dolphin Gites by turning right, contrary to the one way.

2. At the main road (D12), turn right. Continue along main road for about half km, taking care if you are cycling with young children. 

3. Take the 2nd left (chemin de Cormier) and continue into the countryside, past the horse stables on your right.

5. After the horse stables, about 100 mts further on, turn right on newly graveled road (2nd right after horse stables).

6. Continue along gravel track until junction on road, then turn right onto rue des Fontaines.

7. Continue right for about 500m, then turn left (1st proper left turn).

8. Continue more or less in a straight line for about 4km, crossing crossroads, etc until you arrive at the sea and the coastal cycle path (La Vélodyssée).


Turn left on to the cycle path and head towards the Normandeliere beach, about 3 miles along path.You will pass the the tourist centre of La Parée, continue on to the Normandeliere beach along he cycle route.




To return to Dolphin Gites from the Normandeliere.


1. Turn right at roundabout & then turn 1st left, almost immediately.

2. Continue along road, slightly uphill until you reach main junction.

3.  At main junction, cross-over on to dirt track.

5.  At end of dirt track, turn left and turn right.

6.  Continue straight along road until you eventually hit the busy main road, then turn right on cycle path.

7. You can then follow the cycle path all the way to La Chaize Giraud.

8. Or, you can turn left after about 500 mts on cycle path, carefully crossing the main road, follow the sign for  'La Peuble' by turning right just after crossing the main road (avoiding industrial estate) entering on to a country lane, which will take you back to the horse farm.








The Normandelière  Beach













Cycle Directions 


to the Normandeliere Beach: 


(3 miles)


1. Exit Dolphin Gites by turning right, contrary to the one way.

2. At the main road (D12), turn right. Continue along main road for about half km, taking care if you are cycling with young children. 

3. Take the 2nd left (chemin de Cormier) and continue into the countryside, past the horse stables on your right.

4. Follow the road until you reach the main Bretignolles road and cross the main road turning right on to the cycle path.

5. Follow cycle path until first left turn into housing estate

6. Follow road, keeping right at the bend, until you reach the T junction at the end

7. At T junction, turn left then immediately right on to gravel road

8. Follow gravel road until reach main road and carefully cross main road

9. Continue along country road towards the coast. 

10. At the end of road, turn right and then left at the roundabout.

11. Follow the pedestrian path to La Normandelière Beach

12. Lock up your bikes at the restaurant and enjoy Moules Frites.



















The Jaunay Lake



Directions to the lake:       


(10 miles/ 2-3 hours return)


1. Exit Dolphin Gites turning left (East) on main road (D40) & take care with children by perhaps riding on pavement, until you reach main roundabout on D32. 

2. Cross the roundabout and take small road into the housing estate

3. Continue straight for about 500m until you reach a dirt track off to right 

4. Follow dirt track until you reach the road and turn right


At this point directions become complicated, so simply follow map (see above), or your phone GPS. There are various routes to the lake. 


Set phone GPS for Roche Guillaume (cycle past chateau and turn left at bottom of hill on a path direct to the lake, then turn right at the lake).


Below - Chateau of Roche Guillaume (on-route, close to the lake)



























La Vélodyssée  



the coastal path



The cycle path along the coast, both directions North and South, is famous. It is known as the La Vélodyssée and stretches hundreds of miles from St. Brevin les Pins in the North of France, to Spain in the South. You can pick it up in Brétignolles-sur-Mer and enjoy cycling along the famous cycle path in either direction, North or South.






















Le Marais (marshes) 



near Olonne-sur-mer






Cycle the coastal cycle path, South from the Normandeliere until you reach the forest at Olonne. Continue along the cycle path, under the underpass, in the woods for about 1km. You will then see more cycle paths diveging from the main path with left turns into the marshes, as in the photo below. You con navigate these paths until you reach the road near Vairé.

















Bike Hire




We recommend PSL Bike at Brem-sur-mer. They are reasonably priced and will deliver the bikes to your gîte if you hire them for a minimum of 2 days, otherwise, you can leave you car in the car park while you enjoy your ride. Brem-sur-mer is on the coast so you have direct access to the coastal cycle path (La Vélodyssée).


PSL Bike 


Tel. 02 51 22 12 98      www.pslbike.com




Other Routes




There are many more cycle routes in the local area. For example, exploring the trails across the valley of the Jaunay river, through the bocage countryside, etc. Many of these routes are directly accessible from Dolphin Gites.


Many of these cycle routes are numbered, coloured and sign-posted along the way.


You can pick up  good 'cycle route map' from the tourist information in Bretignolles-sur-Mer with all the cycle routes marked on. 






The Jaunay Lake:



The Jaunay lake is the inland local reservoir. It is a very scenic landscape of water, hills and forest and is very beautiful. The cycle ride to and around the lake is quite challenging for the inexperienced cyclist, although very enjoyable with fabulous views and great countryside. Take a picnic, or have lunch at the Pré restaurant on the banks of the lake. Most of the ride is on small roads and dirt tracks, although a couple of miles are on the main road so take this into account when planning your ride. There are some hills and some of the tracks are quite narrow, especially around the lake. It takes about 40 minutes to reach the lake. 

































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