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Travel Information


It is often said that Vendée offers the best climate in easy travelling distance from the UK! 


Less than half a day's drive from Caen, Cherbourg or St Malo. The nearest airport is Nantes which is about 1 hour's drive.


Approximate driving distances to Dolphin Gites from the cross channel ports are listed below:



St Malo 180 miles
Caen 240 miles
Roscoff 250 miles
Cherbourg 270 miles
Le Havre 290 miles
Dieppe 321 miles
Calais 400 miles



Fly or drive 


You can fly into Nantes and hire a car, or you can drive from the UK crossing the Channel by ferry or tunnel. We are located about 3 hours' drive from the Channel port of St Malo, and about 4-5 hours from the ports of Roscoff, Cherbourg, Caen and Le Havre. It takes 6 hours on the motorway to drive from Calais and the Channel tunnel. Nantes airport is a good hour away. 



Dover - Calais  


This is a quick crossing which only takes about 90 minutes. You will make a big saving on the price of the crossing, less than half the price of the other cross-channel routes.  The journey from Calais to La Chaize Giraud takes about 6 hours, depending upon your driving speed. Don't be put off by the distance, as the roads in France are excellent, the density of traffic is much less and there are no heavy goods vehicles on the road on a Sunday.



Portsmouth - Cherbourg or Caen  


These are longer crossings (5 to 6 hours) giving you time to unwind and and enjoy the luxury facilities the modern ferries have to offer, eg. bars, restaurants, shops and cinemas. Many people prefer taking the night crossing with a cabin or reclining seat, so that they are refreshed for the journey ahead of them in the morning. From Caen it is motorway all the way (non-toll) and will take around 5 hours, but from Cherbourg the first 100 miles are on A roads and later some of the motorways are toll.



Portsmouth - St Malo  


This is another popular crossing. The  night crossing takes about 10 hours but if you are asleep in your cabin you will be unaware of the time. This crossing leaves the shortest drive in France in the morning (about 3 hours).





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